Our Treatment Methods

  • Surgery less treatement

    Surgery Less Treatement

    Our specialized rehabilitation center provides comprehensive non-invasive treatment options for various conditions, such as cervical disc prolapse, lumbar disc prolapse, ACL tear, OA knee replacement, joint arthritis, and more. Our dedicated team offers personalized care through physical therapy, exercise therapy, and exercise rehabilitation. We invite you to reach out to us today for further information on our professional and effective treatment options.

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    Trigger Point Therapy

    It is a specialized service offered by our experienced physiotherapists and rehabilitation experts, designed to address acute and chronic pain resulting from muscle tightness and contractions. This non-invasive technique serves as an effective alternative to surgical interventions and eliminates the need for medication in certain conditions. We are deeply dedicated to assisting patients in finding relief from chronic pain and enhancing their overall well-being.

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    Seperate Assessments

    Separate Assessments is a valuable service provided by our team of highly skilled professionals, enabling us to deliver customized treatment plans for every individual patient. Our experts conduct comprehensive assessments, taking into account each patient's distinct needs, medical history, and aspirations. This meticulous approach ensures that our treatment plans are precisely tailored to meet the specific requirements of each patient, thereby optimizing the likelihood of achieving successful outcomes.

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    Designed Protocol

    Our Designed Protocol service is a unique offering provided by our dedicated team, delivering patients a personalized treatment plan meticulously tailored to their specific needs. At our renowned rehabilitation center, we are deeply committed to delivering exceptional care, and the Designed Protocol service stands as a fundamental aspect of that commitment.

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